Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday Training (50 mile road ride)

Monday.  Day off.  Still in bed at 8:30am.  Hmmm, that makes me smile just thinking about it.  Makes a change from the normal 6:40am alarm.

Anyhow, fancied a change today so I dusted down Hayley from the shed under the stairs, gave her a quick check over and then spent 30 mins or so trying to locate the various kit I'd need.  Lycra, check.  Helmet.  Where the hell did I put my helmet?  A ha.  Check.  Garmin.  Check.

Eventually, after a quick safety check, tyres pumped, drive chain lubed, I was off.

50 miles at 16.9mph. I'll take that, given the last time I rode on the road was mid October. Obviously the running and Gym work over the last 4.5 months have played huge dividends.

The first 10 miles was pleasant enough. Comfortably holding an average speed of 17mph up to Green St Green but then the heavens opened and didnt stop for the next 90 mins or so. I was drenched. Despite overshoes, the feet were numb before I'd reached Longfield. Some huge puddles along the route, just before Shorne, the road was almost flooded but I made it through ok. Back through Gravesend, up the Betsham climbs then back to Dartford along the return leg of Green St Green to Dartford, then Erith and Woolwich. Great start to my 2014 cycling campaign

Feet were seriously numb 30 mins after the ride. Had to get the feet warmed up before I could have a bath otherwise I'd be at serious risk of burning my feet. They were that numb, I couldnt feel the water.

With Eltham Velo now on the doorstep, I look forward to some more rides like this on a more regular basis now. Great way to utilize a day off :) 

(Not quite sure what is going on with the Garmin today.  When I uploaded the ride, it says I needed to do two firmware updates so I'm assuming its related!)

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