Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Training (13.1 HM distance)

A quick look at the marathon training schedule told me I had to run Half Marathon distance today.  The distance isnt a problem as I've run further now but as at midnight last night, I had a severe dose of cantbebothereditus.

I went to bed about 12:30am and set the alarm for 7am, to try and get breakfast down me before an early start.

My neighbours house alarm was going off for about 15 mins at 3am and woke the whole street up so I was awake.

As it turns out, I'd set the alarm on my iPhone on the weekly alarm, rather than the weekend so it never went off this morning.  The first I knew was the daylight creeping in from the window.  8am.  Bugger.  Well later than planned.

A quick bathroom pit stop, a quick bowl of porridge then twiddled my thumbs for about 20 mins before getting bored, got into my kit and headed out.

The schedule said run a half or run HM distance at marathon pace.  Wasnt having any of that.  Plan was to run sub 2hr, so anything quicker than an average pace of 9:09 min/mile, which is way inside my target marathon pace of 9:20-9:30 min/mile pace so anything better was positive.

Cracking. 8:59 min/mile pace. 2nd quickest HM time ever and a damn site hillier than anything I've done over a similar distance so very much felt like a very big positive.

At no point did I really think I was pushing myself either, pace-wise, so felt very strong out there, despite a very strong head-wind at times.  For some reason, I never got any tail-wind which I couldnt suss out at all.

Very pleased.  Quads felt a little heavy by the end but thats to be expected at that pace.

HR was good too...

...although I'd slipped into the red a few times, mainly on the hill where I was trying to maintain a good pace, I can comfortably hold tempo pace for a good length of time these days.

Had a good cool down and stretch, 400ml of chocolate milkshake, then walked to Tesco and back to pick up some provisions before lunch which further stretched the legs out and almost 3 hours later, the legs feel very good indeed with little discomfort.

Fitness levels are peaking at exactly the right time.  Very pleased indeed.

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