Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday Training (Muscle Build - Session 30)

Sunday.  Into Day 5 of this current course of antibiotics, chest doesnt seem to be getting any clearer although I've stopped coughing now.  I havent run since last Monday evening.  Frustrated?  You bet I bloody am.

Izzy wanted to stay an extra night, so that was nice.  I took her back home at 10am this morning and made my way straight to the Gym, after dropping my parents car bar to them.

First heavy weights session since end of November 2013.

Warm up

1.5 mile walk from Parents to Gym (approx 20 mins)

1km treadmill warm (SLOW as not to put pressure on chest - 11kph)


Chest Press 6x20/40/60/70kg
Shoulder Press 6x20/30/40/50kg (the 50kg was a bit of a struggle)
Pecs 6x20/30/40/50kg (again, the 50kg felt a bit of a struggle)
Vertical Traction 6x25/50/60/70kg


10 sets (20 SB situps; 20 SB sittwists with 6kg bar)


Leg extension 6x30/40/50/60kg
Leg press 6x90/100/110/120/130kg

3 hours later as I type the workout up, I'm feeling good.  The 11kph on the treadmill didnt make me caught but my chest still feels full of crap so I cant really run properly or outside until its clear again.

Bearing in mind I've been doing the TRX since the end of November as I wanted to concentrate very much on running and not building muscle during December and January as I'm in the throws of marathon training, I think I done more than ok.  I wont lie, shoulder pressing 50kg was a struggle.  The same as it was back in November mind you but I still done it.  50kg on the pec deck was evil.  Managed 5/6 reps at 50kg before I thought better give it a rest.

On the whole, very happy though.  I just hope this chest infection hasnt played too much with my cardio fitness though.  We'll soon find out!

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