Thursday, 27 February 2014

Thursday Training (Easy pace 9 mile)

As per the marathon training schedule, Thursday's training session was supposed to be an easy pace run of 30 mins.  That was never going to happen.  Only run 30 mins?  Ridiculous.

I reckoned for 60 mins but you know sometimes when you get in the zone, completely forget where you are, where you're heading and what you're doing?  That happened tonight.  Instead of turning off Hurst Road back towards Blendon and Danson Park, I plodded across the roundabout and up Hurst Road before making Bexley Village when I realised I should have turned off.

That ended up putting in four additional climbs and another 20 mins on my run.  Ooops.  So make that roughly 1hr 20 mins :)

Was a good run. I took it fairly easy until I hit the last mile back through Welling High St when I pushed my pace on a bit but I comfortably held an average pace of 09:09 min/mile around the course and felt great. The only time I pushed into Z4 was in the last mile.

Will be taking it relatively easy on Friday & Saturday and then I will be running long again on Sunday morning.

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