Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tuesday Training (Easy pace 10 mile road run)

I'm definitely back in the zone.  Although I've still got a couple of days left of Antibiotics to take, I'm feeling healthy again.  Its taken since Christmas to get here but I'm finally not wheezing and its certainly showing in performance levels.

After yesterday's ride, it was time to get back to some running tonight.

Just an easy paced 10 miler.

Well, when I say easy, it was dead on 2hr HM pace, 9:09 min/mile. Just about right for a 10 mile after-work run. Not too pacey but not too easy either. Av HR of 155bpm is just about spot on

The plan was to run the 1st mile easy and let the body do its natural thing. Mile 2 would naturally be quicker because its mainly downhill but then it was settling into a steady slow pace for miles 3 thru 7 and then unwinding the pace with the last 3 miles.
As you can see, I was pretty much spot on...

Generally, pretty pleased with that.  Mile 7 was going to be the slowest as that takes me up the Watling St climb to Bexleyheath, so 3-7 was pretty much spot on.

Taking a look at the Strava-based GAP pace analysis, shows this pretty well...

Intended plan for Wednesday is Gym straight from work then home to watch the football.  Will be giving the Plums a miss this week for a change.

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