Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tuesday Training (Lunchtime 7 mile run)

As I was out after work on Tuesday evening, I ran at lunchtime.

Dressed up in thermals, then the sun came out. Jeez, in the shade it was nice and cool, in the unshaded parts, I was melting, literally.

Was a good run, although my average HR seemed to be higher than usual. I didnt feel like I was pushing particularly but then when I realised I'd cracked 7 miles in just under an hour for the very first time, perhaps I actually was.

The HR report from Strava highlights I was actually pushing...


  1. Nice running! Well done on nailing 7 miles in under an hour too!!

  2. Thanks Sarah. An unexpected bonus cracking the 7mph barrier. I'd been about 30 seconds outside it before and really wasnt expecting it so put a huge smile on my face. Sorry for not replying to your other comment. The 20 miles really wasnt as bad as I was expecting tbh. It felt such an achievement to get it done though. Am off to do the Surrey Spitfire 20 in 2 weekends time which will be my last long run before Paris, a race that I'll actually get a medal for at the end of it. (I really need to start doing some proper races so I start collecting some medals now!)