Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wednesday Training (Plumstead Runners session)

Despite the diagnosed not cleared up chest infection, I manned the fcuk up tonight and got my arse in gear.

Off to Plums after missing last weeks run as it was Izzy's birthday.

3 groups went out tonight.  A slow 5k, a quicker 7k and the big guns were out doing a 6 and a bit miler up Plum Lane...

Now bearing in mind I've been wheezing like a trooper last couple of weeks, I've now got 2/3rds of my 1st daily dose of some steroids in me and they've made a huge difference. No wheezing, no coughing and I was flying. Well by my standards I was, bearing in mind the climbs involved. Lodge Hill is a plod but not easy, Purrett Road is a killer as it just goes straight up and Plum Lane, well thats the big one. A little drag followed by a real steep incline where I find walking to be quicker than running/jogging (especially as it keeps the HR down, stops the Lactic Acid build up and then you can really attack on the top drag to the brow of Shooters Hill when everyone else is flagging!

I absolutely loved being back in the game. Its been a while since I felt in good nick and I certainly was tonight as I was even doing the loop backs to pick up the slower runners at every point on the route and I still had enough left in the tank for the quick kick home from the top of Shooters Hill, past my house and back through Welling to the club house.

Just a shame the mens showers were broken, so we had to let all the ladies shower before we used theirs and then the meeting was delayed, meaning I've had to resort to eating KFC, the first unhealthy sh*t I've eaten in 2014. Wont hurt as I'm running a significant calorie deficit today but even so, that proud record has now gone.

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