Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What else has been happening on Planet JB?

What with being "stuck" in full marathon-training mode right now, my blog posts have been very fitness-focused recently, so I thought it was about time I let myself off the leash and share some of the stuff that has been going on.  None of it very exciting, mind you!

The first piece of "news" as such from 2014 is that the old man has finally had his knee-replacement op.  It was a full replacement, rather than part-replacement.  After many years of bone-on-bone movement due to a cartillage-free knee (removed after his knee locked when I was a young child, the criss-cross stitching I can still vividly see when I close my eyes and think of it still makes me feel sick!), he was in so much pain by just walking a few yards that we hope, given some time, that he makes a decent recovery and can actually walk around a bit more, just as much for my Mum's sake rather than just his.

He seems to be the world's worst patient but hey, he seems to be doing ok.  He's had the stitches out now but still needs to keep the dressing on for another 2 weeks before he can take it off.  I dread that day as I'll probably feint within a few seconds of seeing what's going on underneath but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Work has been pretty slow since returning from the Christmas break, apart from a few busy days.  However, a storm seems to be brewing.  The new CEO has announced a Professional Services Activity Census, where members of the Professional Services staff (Finance, IT, HR...all the non-academic departments basically) are expected to state what proportion of their time they devote to certain tasks.  Pretty much a time and effort analysis but the worry, of course, is what they will do with the data.

We've been told that teams may be asked to change the way they work and the word "change" appears a good few many times through the circular emails we've received so god knows, quite frankly.  I'm all up for change, change is a good thing but as long as I still have a job and I'm not made redundant as quite frankly, that is something I could really do without in so many ways.

I enjoy my job, I've got my work-life balance pretty much sussed and I've got minimal door-to-door travel.  It doesnt get much better.  I have absolutely no wish to start again.

Having said that, there's no point in worrying, what will be will be and all that.  Again, another bridge to cross if it ever comes up.

A few of you may have noticed there have been minimal Spurs posts recently.  Are you surprised?  Well you really shouldnt be.  Time and time again, in recent seasons, by Christmas, the interest levels just wain.  Tim S has done an ok job after taking the reigns from AVB but you just know that yet again, we're in a transitional period, a holding position until Levy finally replaces him with another manager at the end of the season.  Yes, Tim was given an 18 month contract but does anyone expect him to be there beyond 2013/14?  No.

Oh, one other thing.  I actually had a date.  A first date in almost 7 or 8 months I think.  Nice girl but not the one for me.  Of course, my girl friends instantly accuse me of being picky on the post-date de-brief but hey, you either know you're attracted to them or you're not, surely?  Sadly, I knew pretty much within the first 5 minutes but I had a nice time, so was a positive experience.

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