Thursday, 6 March 2014

Another Marathon? October? Pan flat? in Amsterdam? Oh go on then...

With exactly 1 month to go until Paris, I can announce that I will be running the 39th TCS Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday 19th October, 2014.

A lunchtime chat over Facebook with my former Plumstead Runners colleague Mel was all I needed for persuasion.  The words PAN and FLAT being those which sold it to me.  Hopefully it will be the course for me to set a sub 4:00 time.

No ballot and no faffing, just booked a place for €65 over the web in 5 minutes.  Doesnt get much better than that.  Will need to sort out flights and hotels but thats fairly easy.  Gatwick to 'Dam takes an hour by EasyJet to Schipol Airport then its a 15min train ride into Amsterdam Central station from there.  Easy peasy.

You can read more information about the Amsterdam Marathon here

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