Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Rest Day (...and the ex boss' 60th Birthday Party)

Friday was my rest day.

I wasnt going to be able to train today as it was my ex boss' 60th birthday party-come-30th anniversary of her working at QML (Queen Mary London).

Since the office restructure when I moved to Whitechapel from Mile End, I rarely spend time on the Mile End campus nowadays, so it was nice to go back and catch up with some old faces but the major topic of conversation with most people talking to me was along the lines of...

"OMG you've lost so much weight?..."
"John, have you been ill?..."
"Are you still riding your bike?"...
"Are you still dating the entire membership of"

... I'd like to say that although I'm proud of what I've achieved, I'm modest about it but I try to make as little of possible of it.  I wont go up to someone and say "have a guess what I've been up to?"  If someone asks me about it then fine, otherwise its off topic.

However, I do get serious f*cked off when people sneer at my self-imposed booze ban, telling me that I'm "boring" and "oh FFS John, have a drink.  You can have one, surely?"  Well no I cant.  If I say I'm packing the booze up for nearly 4 months then I'm packing the booze up for 4 months.  Having one smashes all that in the face.  28-29 days away from the Marathon, not had a beer since 21st December, why the hell would I want to chuck all that away now?  It'll just make the beer at the end of the Marathon taste even nicer.

Anyhow, had a reasonably good time catching up with some very nice people, albeit that I was the only sober person in the bar by 9pm and I left with my mate Reuben at about 9:20pm in the end.  Got home about 10:40pm turned on the TV expecting to watch Graham Norton only to realise the series had ended and I watched the fill in film, The Proposal, starring the god damn attractive Sandra Bullock.  Another film for the film list.  A very cheesy rom-com but it was easy viewing for a Friday night.

Off to bed as Saturday was going to be a long day...

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