Sunday, 30 March 2014

Friday & Sunday Training (Short lunchtime run / 10 miles at marathon pace)

Wey hey, it appears spring has finally hit the South East.

The plan this week was to run a short little run on Friday lunchtime, give myself Saturday to recover and then do my last run of any significance before Paris, 10 miles at marathon pace.

All went to plan...


Just a leisurely bimble. 3 and bit miles at easy pace and HR. Just to keep the legs ticking over with minimal effort involved. I'd dressed incorrectly by putting on a thermal coldgear base layer rather than going for warmgear and I was overheating and thus the HR was a little higher than it should have been as a result but it was a good session. No twinges in the knees or hamstrings. 


Dressed appropriately, it was warm. Pretty much bang on marathon pace, HR exactly where it should have been, very happy with that. Absolutely no twinges in the knees or hamstrings although my achilles felt a little tight in the first couple of miles but nothing to worry about. No music, just my breathing for company and although I went out a little faster than I should, I was bang on pace after mile two.

Bring on Paris. Full of beans and full of confidence. I just need to avoid any last minute disasters and anyone looking as though they're carrying the manflu virus, especially on the trains.

A 4 day week in the office this week. We leave for Paris on Friday morning. A little 30 min tempo run tomorrow evening then a gentle easy 30 min run on Thursday then I'm done, barring the little stretch of the legs I'll have on Saturday morning in Paris. I'm getting excited now :)

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