Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday Afternoon (Finally...catching up with my two besties)

On Saturday afternoon, I finally caught up with my two besties, Chandra and Yatin, in the same place at the same time.  The last time we were all together in one place was dinner at Chandra's, way back in September or October of last year.

I made my way to Chandra's at Abbey Wood to say hello to Chandra's wife Sophie and little Rhys.  Sadly, Rhys couldnt keep his eyes open long enough to see me, so I had to make do with Sophie lol.

Chandra and I headed for Canary Wharf.  Train to Charlton, bus to the O2 then one stop on the Jubilee Line to CW.  Even after all these years, I still dont know my way around CW very well and was glad Chandra was chief navigator.  We made our way to the Cat & Canary.  Met there at 4, Yatin walked in at 4:15 and we was there till about 8 I guess, before we made our way to the O2 and took up residence in the Slug & Lettuce.

Sadly, Spurs were beyond rubbish but it was good seeing the guys again.  I love them both to bits.

However, we didnt get around to eating when we were out.  So I was left stuffing my face around 11:30pm on Saturday evening, not ideal preparation for a 7:30am 20 mile run...

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