Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Race Day (The Sport Relief Mile at Danson Park)

I picked Izzy up from her School Disco on Friday at 8:45pm.  On our way back from Higham to Bexleyheath on the A2, she asked me if my knees were feeling better?  No, was the answer.  Friday was the sorest day I'd had for a while and explained I was off to see the Physio on Monday.

Other than the walk to and from work and the little bit of walking we had to do on Saturday, I had two days to recover for Izzy's big day.  The Sport Relief Mile.  I signed her up a few months ago as something for us to do together and as it was my belated birthday weekend, it would top if off brilliantly.

Saturday we went to the O2 to see the X Factor Live.  Not a bad concert, Izzy loved it, I was fairly meh to it but it was up with the last one we went to a couple of years ago.  Afterwards, we jumped on the bus back to Bexleyheath and we went for a chinese.  Lovely.  That was the carb loading taken care of ;)

Sunday morning came.  We was up pretty early, both of us had some breakfast and we changed into our kit.  Izzy just so wanted to get her Sport Relief T Shirt on but I told her she'd be better off wrapping up and keeping her jumper and coat on until the last minute to keep warm as it was a particularly cold March morning.

So off we went to Danson Park.  Just in time for the 9am marshall/staff briefing from Race Director Mary.  We told Mary that we'd help out after we'd done our run and she very nicely gave Izzy the job of handing out the medals to the finishers.

I cant begin to tell you how cold it was on Sunday morning.  Both Izzy and I were shivering big time, despite numerous layers.  We stripped off just before the race...

I think our faces were frozen in that pic.

Anyhow, we decided on a quick warm up.  Izzy was desperate to get running by that point, so we went off on a gentle jog around the start line area.  Only a couple of minutes, just to get the blood pumping and to generally warm up.

We all got called to the start line, the official photographer wanted to take some pics with the Mayor of Bexley at the start line then eventually, we were off.

Izzy ran brilliantly. Not sure what went on with the route but we ended up running 1.6 miles. Ha. Bring it on.  I ran at her pace, so every time she slowed, I did and we went down to just walking pace for a few seconds here and there but I really couldnt have been prouder of her.

I dont think I've ever seen her with redder cheeks.

We made it round in 17:54.  Pretty much 11:00 min/mile pace.  None of that matters, just getting over the finish line was an achievement.  To be honest, I dont think she would have made it to the finish had she been on her own as it took some gentle encouragement of "come on, there's only 200 meters to go!", when it was more like 4 times that but she wasnt to know.

So after she picked up her medal, we switched to staffing duties...

The Plums hosted the Sport Relief Mile at Danson Park, with some help from Bexley Athletics Club
I'm really proud of Izzy.  Got only did she complete the mile, she also got her 200m swimming badge last week.  Yeah, 200m.  Thats like 8 consecutive lengths of the pool without stopping.  Yes, without stopping.  Holy sh*t.  I'm only just capable of that now.  Absolutely brilliant.  Tell you what, chuck in her number one sport of Gymnastics, we've really got a cracking little Sportswoman on our hands here.  The world literally could be her Oyster.

Of course, the fact I ran leads on to the obvious question.  How are the knees?  Erm, if I'm honest, not too bad.  They're nowhere near 100% but I made it round the 1.6 mile course.  99% of it was on grass.  Whether I'm capable of running 26.2 miles on tarmac, cobbles and concrete in less than 2 weeks, thats another kettle of fish entirely.

A huge thanks to everyone at Plumstead Runners for hosting a great event.  Izzy and I loved it.  I think Izzy enjoyed handing out the medals more than she did the run itself but hey, what 8 year old in their right mind would enjoy running?

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  1. Well done Izzy!! Brilliant running ... and swimming!! Glad your knees were ok for the run too!! Hopefully they're on the mend!