Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tuesday Training (10 mile road run)

Home from work with dry running kit on the washing airer, unlike the night before.  Happy Days.

A quick change into the kit, a quick realisation that I was out of High 5 4:1 so I had to dig down the two High 5 race packs I've got to find a sachet of some energy product, filled my bottle and off I went.

Originally was planning a short 10k tonight but opted to go for a longer 10 but at tempo pace, rather than a slow easy pace.

Excellent run. Having dug into the High 5 race pack before setting off, I nicked an energy gel and took it at 6 miles. Was fab knowing I'd averaged 8:48 min/mile pace for the 10. My Half Marathon PB of 1:56 was set at 8:53 min/mile pace so the fitness from this time last year is at another level now. Had I took some more gels on board, I probably could have run a damn site quicker too but was feeling a little empty by the end but I definitely could have run another 3 miles at that pace, thats for sure. Once Paris is out of the way, I think it will be time to run another Half Marathon to try and get that PB down a little more.

A quick check of the data on Strava told me exactly what I needed to, that my HR was pretty much spot on my tempo pace and not one jump into the red either...

I think the one thing that really did surprise me though was that I've actually run 10 miles quicker twice before back in 2013, today's effort is starred.

I'm not convinced that the quickest 10 miler was more hilly than todays course.  Thats the difference in GPS between the Forerunner 405 and Forerunner 620.  I would need to run exactly the same course for a complete comparison but I do get varying results on an exact course match.

You only have to look at the Garmin data of other people's Paris Marathon runs to see that the elevation data is different from each and every Garmin.

However, very pleased with tonight's effort.

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  1. Sounds as though a new PB is on the cards!!