Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday Training (3.1 mile run/Gym session/2 mile run)

After Monday's rest day, it was about getting back in the swing of things.

The plan was to head for the Gym within 10 mins of coming in through the front door from work, do my workout, run back for cool down and then chill out for the rest of the evening.

And thats what I did...

Warm Up


Crucifix (3sets x 10reps)
Shoulder Press (3sets x 10reps)
One Armed Press Ups (6sets x 10reps)
Bicep Curl (3sets x 10reps)
Tricep Curl (3sets x 10reps)


10 sets (20 SB sit ups + 20 SB sit twists)


5 sets of 10 leg extensions (55kg)

Cool Down

Job done. Felt pretty good tonight.

However, prior to Sunday's long run and noticably tonight, I can feel both knees. Both are what I would say sensitive. Maybe sore would be the correct description.  This feels me with absolute dread.  I suffered from tendonitis for about 2 months last summer and this is not the time for a reoccurence less than a month before Paris.

A quick check of the mileage on the current Glycerin 11s suggest I've run just short of 500 miles in them so I think its a case of retiring them now and getting the new one's out of the box and chucking the old one's away in the recycling trainer bin in the local superstore car park.

I've started taking 400mg of Iburprofen and will do that 3 times daily for 7 days and then will reassess how the knees feel.  That was the advise my former brother-in-law Ally gave me last year.  Ally, if you remember, is on the physio team at Arsenal FC and he put me on the right road to recovery last time around.  I will be running tonight with the Plums and I've got my last long training run, the Surrey Spitfire 20 on Sunday which will now be a major test and no doubt I'll be feeling the knees all the way around the course but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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