Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tuesday/Wednesday Training (Swimming/Gym)

A quick recap of the Tuesday & Wednesday Training this week with absolutely no running involved...

Tuesday (am) - swimming
  • Swam 80 lengths of the 25m pool at Crook Log (in around 1hr 15 mins)
Tuesday (pm) - Gym session (legs and core only)

Warm Up
  • Row - 2000m (in 09:03).  Av HR 130bpm, Max HR 162 bpm.
Leg Weights
  • Leg Press:  6 reps x 80/90/100/110/120/130/140/150kg
  • Leg Ext: 6 reps x 40/50/50/50/55kg
  • 10 sets (20 SB sit ups + 20 SB sit twists with 6kg bar)
Cool Down

A gentle 1.5 mile walk back to my parents house after a quick shower...

Wednesday Eve

My normal home work out in my living room...
  • 10 x 20 SB ball sit ups + 20 SB sit twists.
  • 10 x 10 chest press with 9kg dumbbells + 10 chest fly.
  • 30 sec on/off/on/off/on see-saw shredder with 9kg dumbbells.

Considering, the knees feel reasonably ok.  I seem to be feeling a lot of aches and tightness at the moment, especially in the left hand side of my groin following the swimming exertions on Tuesday.

I'm still religiously taking 400mg of Ibuprofen to treat any inflammation in the knees.  I'll take this until the weekend when the Physio asked me to call him back to let him know how I was getting on.

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  1. Get well soon! You'll be back on the roads before you know it!!