Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wed Training (Plumstead Runners session)

Wednesday night = Plums night.

Just the 10k tonight. Very unlike me, I turned down the longer 8-9 mile option and headed back for the shorter 10k. 

I felt pretty good in myself but the knees not so good.

I had a chat with Robin, Les and Jim at the end of the session over a Diet Coke in the bar.  Robin has run a few marathons, Les is a member of the 100 marathon club so he knows his stuff and Jim had run a few several years ago.

They've suggested I drop the Surrey Spitfire 20 on Sunday, do some low impact work to keep things ticking over (cycling/swimming) and just let the knees settle down.  Sadly, I think they're right.  As much as I'd like to do the race so I actually get to run 20 at marathon pace, I'm too close to Paris now to be taking any risks.  I could run the Spitfire, get another 20 in but then knacker the knees so badly, I could put Paris out of contention altogether.

Les and Robin both also recommended I go see the "chinese witch doctor", a sports massage therapist that they've been seeing for years.  £30 a session sounds ok to me.  If I need to spend the money to finish Paris in one piece, then its my only option.

I will now not be running until Sunday at the earliest.  Tonight is rest night, Friday and Saturday I will be reunited with my daughter after a long two weeks without her so Sunday will be the next chance.  Hopefully the ibuprofen I've been taking will kick in by then and give me some relief.

I'm not going to rule out the Spitfire just yet.  I think I'll make a late decision on that on Saturday evening.

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