Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wednesday Training (Gym)

No usual Wednesday Night run with the Plums this week.  I thought after running Tuesday night, I would be asking for trouble running again on the road so soon after, so off to the Gym I went.

Warm Up
  • Hamstring stretches as requested by Nelson the physio.  5 on each leg
  • 2.5km treadmill.  11:57.  Av HR 152bpm, Av Pace 7:42 min/mile
  • Crucifix (3sets x 10reps) 
  • Shoulder Press (3sets x 10reps)
  • One Armed Press Ups (6sets x 10reps)
  • Bicep Curl (3sets x 10reps) 
  • Tricep Curl (3sets x 10reps)
  • 10 sets (20 SB sit ups + 20 SB sit twists with 6kg bar)
Leg Weights
  • Leg Ext: 6 reps x 40/50/50/50/55kg
Cool Down
  • 2.5km treadmill.  13:47.  Av HR 147bpm, Av Pace 8:49 min/mile
  • Hamstring stretches again.

Interestingly, the initial warm up on the treadmill was the quickest I've ever run 2.5km in the Gym by some 17 seconds.  I do like ramping up the speed up every 0.5km.  I started at 12kmh, then to 12.5kmh, then got bored and dialed it up to 13.2kmh then just ramped it up and up and sprinted the last 0.2km at 17kmh.

It was a really good session.  The usual TRX routine is becoming second nature pretty much now.  Its good to know the upper body is still ticking along nicely along with my lower body and most importantly, my cardiovascular system.  Looking at myself in the mirror now, my body has changed shape now.  It certainly has a little more definition that it used to.  It will be good to get back on the weights soon to build some muscle but I dont want to build too much as I want to be a runner/cyclist rather than a body builder.

Thursday will be a rest day, which I'll gladly use to tidy my house up before Izzy comes back to me on Friday night.  The plan now is that I will run on Friday lunchtime.  Nothing quick, nothing too far, just to keep things ticking over.

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