Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Easter Holidays and more recovery...

After the 45 mile ride with Rich, I have to say I felt pretty exhausted in the following 48-72 hours.  If the Marathon hadnt finished me off, the bike ride pretty much did.

Thankfully, I had Izzy with me from Wednesday through to Saturday, so my first chance of any sort of work out was going to be Saturday evening.

After dropping Izzy home, it was a case of running a "gentle" 10k, although the HR on my Garmin suggested otherwise.

Av HR of 160bpm, Max HR of 170bpm was a lot for recent runs. I put it down to tiredness and recovery from the Marathon.

Then I hit the road again on Monday evening, within 10 minutes of being in the front door from work...

Again, Av HR of 159bpm and Max HR of 171bpm was an awful lot for me on a run averaging 9:17 min/mile pace.

Into the Gym and on the treadmill, my HR was still much higher than usual.
Tuesday off. Back to the Gym on Wednesday for my first training session with Chandra for a good three or four months. My HR was still higher than it really should have been on the short two mile run to the Gym.
Same again on the 2.5km treadmill warm up, averaging 161bpm.

My lungs have felt wheezey, I havent felt 100% by a long way. Did I have a virus? I have to say that when Chandra was working with me, getting me to use the VIPR I felt like I was in pieces, something which is very rare for me these days. Was my asthma playing up again? It was something to check, thats for sure.

Another day and a half of recovery with Izzy again gave me a rest so I took her over Danson Park on Friday morning and I have to say I felt much better.

With Izzy riding her bike alongside me while I ran three gentle loops of the lake, my HR looked pretty much back to normal for a run of 9:30 min/mile pace. Panic over. Perhaps it just took me a lot longer to get over the marathon than I thought it would.

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