Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Operation Green Fingers and overtraining...

Regular readers of the blog will know I've been struggling for any kind of form since completing the Paris Marathon.

It just so happens that I've been spending a significant amount of time out in the garden, starting a complete revamp of my urban jungle.

After the club run last week, I really wasnt feeling great.  I had a relatively easy Thursday, albeit spending the evening in the pub with Chandra and his mate Pete.  Friday and Saturday, I'd spent 14 hours in the Garden, digging fence post holes, lugging around 20kg postcrete bags and generally putting myself through the ringer.

Saturday evening, after the disappointment of Ars*nal winning the FA Cup Final, I decided I'd go out for a plod.  It wasnt going to be fast as I was feeling quite tired and my legs were still feeling the run from Wednesday, obviously one day of alcohol-fueled recovery followed by 14 hours in the garden wasnt ideal preparation.

So off I went...

A slow, ploddy and very painful 5 miles in 47:11. 9:25 min/mile pace. It was not going to be fast but I never dreamt it would be as slow as that, not at 154bpm. The fact my HR peaked at 162bpm is testament to the fact I was trying to run within myself but even so, even with being deliberately careful, I was still seriously struggling. 

The worst thing is, as I write this on Tuesday lunchtime, my legs are still feeling the effects of that run right now, approaching 3 days later. Ok, I'd done another 6 hours in the garden on Sunday but even so. After the marathon, I was able to run 5k the next day. My legs ache more now than they did after the marathon.

  • I have felt constantly tired for weeks now.
  • I seem to be taking much longer to recover from efforts. 
  • I seem to be sleeping much heavier than I usually do.
  • My average HR seems higher for similar efforts.
  • I feel unable to complete workouts (although I battle manfully through to the end).

All 5 points listed are key signs that I'm suffering from over training.  Check it out on Google, there's plenty of information on it.  Although other key signs of loss of appetite and sex drive, haha, dont think that would ever happen!!!

I'm going to have a rest again.  Well, when I say rest, I'm still going to have to work in the garden.  I've got to get it finished.

I guess that although I've recently cut my miles, when you look at my training breakdown graph, including the gardening hours as strength training, its little wonder I'm feeling frazzled right now.

I'm going to be sensible.  I'm at a point now where my lack of performance is killing any sort of enjoyment I'm getting from running.  I didnt work my backside off to get to a point like this.  I dont want to slip back, I dont want to put weight on.  Asking me to not put weight on when not training is a massive ask quite frankly.  I'm always hungry whether I'm training or not.  I'm already the wrong side of 13st and got help me if I ever get back to 13 and a half as it'll be a slippery slope then.

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