Thursday, 22 May 2014

Resting is hard...

As I sit here typing at lunchtime on Thursday, I've spent the last three evenings doing very little.

On a normal week, I would have ran twice and I would have visited the Gym at the bare minimum.  This week has been different.  I needed a distraction.

I've tried to avoid watching TV box sets over the years as I never wanted to devote large chunks of my time to just sitting in front of the TV.  It just doesnt rest easy with me.  However, given the circumstances with trying to rest as much as possible this week, it seems to be exactly the right thing to do.

Get home from work, make dinner, eat dinner, wash up.  Sit on the sofa.  All done by 6:30pm.  So what to watch?

A long time ago, many many years ago, I watched the first season of 24.  I loved it.  That was when Izzy was a baby and sitting about was the thing I done in them days.  I went to watch the new series based in London but a couple of friends suggested I should watch the others first.  So I've started on season 2.  As of bedtime last night, I've managed to watch to the end of episode 18 last night, so not many more left.

I'm not feeling tired now.  I think I've managed to catch up on some sleep.  My legs still feel like they dont belong to me though which is a concern to be honest.  My hamstrings seem to be permanently aching.  I can "feel" the outside of my knees.  I can also feel my hips.  I just seem to be all out of line.  I just dont feel right.  I've vowed to have the whole week off doing nothing and thats exactly what I'm going to do.  Friday and Saturday will be easier as I've got the nice distraction of Izzy being with me.

Apparently, I'm not alone.  My friend Kelsey (my old boss from KCL) runs the Ashford Run England group and she's got a few of her runners that are struggling with overtraining since the spring marathons.  I think its a case of getting some rest, getting back up to speed slowly, shift a little weight, only about 4-5 lbs then I'll be right as rain again.  Well lets hope, eh?


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