Thursday, 15 May 2014

Trying to get back in the groove...

After Sunday's Hill Reps session, I was keen to up the ante with the training stakes this week.  However, trying to stay sensible, I decided that after my first hill session, I'd give the legs a bit of a rest before going again.

Well, when I said rest, I had gardening to do.  The turf was all dug up but it had to go on the skip.  So I spent 2.5 hours lifting, carrying and filling.

As you can see, plenty of turf too.  The whole digging process really has given my hamstrings a proper working over...but the good news is that at least the garden is now back to the blank canvas, next stop the new fence going up this weekend, now all the fence post holes have been dug.

Anyway, back to the running...

So on Tuesday night, I was all raring to go.  I wanted to test my fitness and see actually how far it had dropped off, so I decided to run a 10k at 85-90% effort...

52:48. 8:31 min/mile pace. Compared to my 51:42 10k PB. Not bad at all really. I havent run any short runs at pace for several months so this would be around where I expected it to be. The legs felt reasonably good and I still felt like I had some left in the tank to do a bit more. I only ran with water and didnt touch the High 5 at all, so I was running on only my in-built fuel reserves. The average HR of 163bpm was a little higher than the 161bpm of my PB but that is to be expected given I'm carrying a couple of extra pounds right now (13st 3lb as opposed to 12st 10lbs). 

I woke up fine the next day. Then I tried to run with the Plums that evening.

OMG. I cant tell you how bad I felt. My legs totally deserted me after 2 miles. I was having second thoughts about turning back. Its like I'd gone back a few weeks to the last 20 miles of the 50 mile ride with Rich after the marathon. I felt awful. I battled on but the 8.25 mile run was a big struggle. Ok, my average HR says it was around the level I should be expecting to see but its still a little high compared to runs of similar distance and pace from earlier this year and last.

I'm assuming that because I'd trained with just water the night before, my glycogen stores had taken a hit and they hadnt really been replenished before running again, despite eating sensibly all day Wednesday, including a porridge pot at 3pm for extra fueling. Its either than or there's something very badly wrong with me at the moment.

It was always going to be the case that I wasnt running on Thursday (as out with Chandra), Fri or Sat (gardening awaits) so Sunday will be my next chance but I now need to factor in how hard I'm working in some sessions, so that I have a rest day directly after running my energy levels right down. Frustrating but needs must. 

However, I'm pleased to say that my Garmin indicates I'm going back in the right direction, as my VO2max reading has gone back to its pre-marathon state of 47. It'll be interesting to see where it pans out to after my next run. 

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