Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Strike three and you're out!

Good luck/bad luck comes in three's, right?

Well, strike me down.  Would you Adam n Eve it?!

Tuesday lunchtime.  Going out after work on Tuesday so had to train the only time I had free.  So changed into my kit, done a few little stretches and left my office and went out to run my regular 7 mile loop around Victoria Park.

So off I jogged down New Road, turned left onto Commercial Road and was about to pass the Drive In McDonald's when a car, a big 4x4, turned in.  I was already on the crossing so I tried to dodge outward to give myself a little more time to comfortably pass but my foot caught in a pot hole and down I went.

I knew I was going but could do absolutely nothing about it.  Threw my arms out to protect my face and forearms and elbows took the impact.  As I hit, my momentum slip me across the tarmac.  Lovely.  Proper road rash.  The reason why us cyclists normally shave or wax the legs.

So stunned, I tried to pick myself up but was struggling and then the 4x4 driver started sounding her horn and was waving at me furiously to get out of the way so she could go get her lunch.  Unbelieveable.

Shaken but not stirred, I complete the 6.8 miles on the 7 in discomfort, with sweat dripping into the road rash but the adrenaline was keeping the pain at bay.

Got back to the office an hour later and the cuts and grazes really didnt look too bad, as you can see below...

 ...but nevertheless, I was in a state.  A quick clean up, into the shower and back at my desk a while later, I was still bleeding so with a little first aid, the bleeding eventually stopped and I got on with the rest of the day.

It wasnt a particular great or fast run but I enjoyed it.  It was a necessity as to counteract the calories in beer and food that I would consume later in the evening.  It was seriously warm out there too, running at lunchtime you wouldnt expect anything different really.


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