Thursday, 9 October 2014

A quick update

It has been exactly a month since my last post.  Life has been very pretty full-on recently for various reasons so my blogging has taken a back seat.

Let me quickly fill you in with what I've been up to.

As usual, I have been running.  After the struggles of May and June, I seem to be firing on all cylinders ago and feel in reasonably good shape, although I admit I'm carrying a little extra weight.  Its not a problem, I look ok and I'm still running ok.

Garmin Connect data correct at at 09/10/2014

As you can see from my Garmin Connect data, my mileage for July, August and September has been reasonably good and I can be more than happy with that.

As you would have seen from my previous post, I completed marathon #3 in September.

However, I completed a sub 4 marathon pace 18 miler at the end of August running with the Plums which gave me a huge buzz and a massive boost of confidence.

I cant begin to tell you how happy I was with that run. Running with Plums Chairman Richard Vero and Russell Buchanan was a huge help. Richard is one of those experienced runners who can stick at the same pace all day, just like you would expect from a metronome. You only have to check my mile splits to see how consistent it was.

Now of course, a sub 4 marathon is my dream goal right now.  Is it realistic?  I dont know.  With a bit of extra work, with a little less weight, maybe yes.  My build up has been good.  I've had a little hamstring niggle but nothing to really worry about.  So I'm going to go into Amsterdam and see what happens.  I'm going to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Who knows what I'm capable of?  Most of my runs around South East London involve hills.  From those that have run Amsterdam before, they've told me that Amsterdam is pan flat.  So maybe I might just spring a surprise if I feel good on the day.  I'm not going to pressure myself.  I'm going to enjoy running marathon #4.

I learn a very valuable lesson last Sunday, my last scheduled long run before Amsterdam.  I was supposed to do 20 miles but I abandonned at 17.  Dont ever drink half a bottle of red wine and three bottles of beer the night before, particularly between 9-11pm like I had done.  I cant begin to explain how dehydrated I felt at the 5k mark, let alone after 10 miles.  I still managed a respectably easy-paced 9:20min/mile though so cant be to disappointed (despite having to stop at least 4 times in the last 6 miles to stretch my calves and hamstrings ahem cough!)

I've also ran into work for the first time which made a real change from getting the train...

Now getting into work having already run 10 miles was a great feeling. Left just before 7am, arrived at the office just after 8:30am (after an essential comfort stop at McDonald's in Greenwich!) then fully showered and sitting at my desk by 8:45am. Cant beat that. I will be trying to do this run during the winter months quite regularly to ensure I get to train in some daylight.

Anyhow, roll on Amsterdam!

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  1. Everything sounds really positive! Nice running!