Thursday, 16 October 2014

Just when you thought it was safe to get in the shower...

As usual, in the run up to a marathon, maranoia kicks in.  I moved seats on the 89 bus home the other day as someone was coughing a little too violently for my liking and all I could think about was "has that man got Ebola?".  Ha, maranoia indeed.

Anyhow, everything had been going so well.  Really well.  Too well.  The new positive JB was just going with the flow and bang...

Fell out of bed, went to hit the shower, decided to give myself one almighty stretch with my arms up in the air above my head and pop...

Cue agony.  Seering pain through my neck and shoulder blade.  I was in all sorts of trouble.  Muscle pull?  Trapped nerve?  It pretty much all feels he same!  I managed to shower, get dressed and do the commute to work but I was struggling big time.

Sitting at my desk in the office was agony.  I lasted until 4pm when I sloped out early after letting my boss know I was heading home.

Hot water bottle, ice pack, hot water bottle relief.  Into the chemist I went. 

"Small tube of Voltarol and a packet of 400mg Ibuprofen please". 
"Is it for you, sir?"
"You know you cant take them at the same time, dont you?"
"I have done before"
"Well I cant sell them to you together, I recommend strong paracetomol instead!"
"Ok, ok"

So 24 hours later, I'm still in pain.  The training schedule said to run an easy 30 mins.  I have but it was hell.  My neck is so sore now, I'm not sure I can face 26.2 miles in that discomfort.

Here's hoping that my body performs some kind of a miracle in the next 3 days!

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