Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Still Struggling

Unfortunately, I now havent run for 11 days.  I'm still struggling.

Having spent the GDP of a third-world country on Asthma medication, along with Cold & Flu remedies and a tube of Deep Freeze (I'll come on to that in a mo!), I'm still wheezing.

How much Asthma medication can one man take?

Let me take you back a week.  First GP appointment.  Dr Adams checked my chest with the stethoscope and he said it was reasonably clear although a little crackling suggested a the beginnings of a chest infection.

He prescribed a 7 day course of Antibiotics and recommended I start taking my Becotide inhaler, 4 squirts twice a day.  Ok.  Up until yesterday morning, I was getting a little better.  The cold symptoms seem to have cleared up but I was still waking up in the middle of the night having coughing fits and again first thing in the morning.

Yesterday, even numerous squirts of Ventolin couldnt control the coughing kit.

So, much to my disappointment, I found myself agreeing with Alison that I really should go back and see my GP.

On the drive to Canary Wharf, I managed to get an appointment for 5:45pm.  I was to see Dr Stoate (former Labour MP for Dartford for the record and an eight-time marathon runner so I heard last night - he couldnt believe I had ran 4 in one year!)

Anyhow, went to see Dr Stoate and he recommended a 7 day course of steroids which should calm the wheezing in my chest.  Fingers crossed it does the trick.

Despite not being able to run, at least I'm back at work now and burning some calories with the usual amount of walking I do every day.

Steps as per my iPhone 5s - calibrated to my Garmin Forerunner 620

Sadly, however, my lack of running and current state of health means I'm missing the annual Plumstead Runners Santa Run tonight.  I'm absolutely gutted but there's always next year.

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