Thursday, 24 September 2015

Update: Post-Brooks Ghost 7 review and Brooks Customer Services

Less than 24 hours after writing my review of the Brooks Ghost 7 running shoes, I'm delighted to be able to tell you that I have good news!

Let me recap.  I picked up a new pair of the Ghost 7s via last week and I had my first run in them on Friday (around 10k), then I ran again on Tuesday (7.5 miles at tempo).  Despite only running approximately 14 miles in the shoes, both feet had begun to blister in my mid-sole region, just below the ball of my foot.

This certainly didnt measure up to my expectations, given my previous experience with the Brooks Glycerin range.

So I fired off an email to Brooks Running customer services and I had no choice but to run in them on the Plumstead Runners Wednesday night run.  I took it easy and swept up the back of group 2 but the discomfort was all too obvious.

Having spoken to Dave, Andy and Gary (and anyone else who would listen about my running shoe woes), I had made my mind up to look at the Hoka One One brand following Dave's persuasion.  However, having checked my emails, I'd received a nice email from Lyz at Brooks.

Lyz told me she was sad to hear that I was disappointed with the Ghost 7s and went on to tell me that the main difference between the Glycerin 11s (which I loved so much) and the Glycerin 12s (which seem to have given me an achilles niggle!)

Once I confirmed my proof of purchase, Lyz sent me this email...

How's that for customer service, eh?  Exemplary.  I wouldnt have expected anything less from such a reputable company.

I'd like to express my huge thanks to Lyz and Brooks for putting me out of my misery so quickly.

Anyhow, the new Brooks Glycerin 13s can be seen here.  I will will follow up with a review of them once I've spent some time in them to see how they fair compared to the 12s.

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