Friday, 2 October 2015

VLM Ballot. Spiderman or Bumblebee

Ha.  Spent 2 and a bit days waiting for either the Spiderman or Bumblebee magazine and look what turned up in my inbox instead.

6th successive rejection.

Gutted.  Absolutely gutted.

I'll put my rejection into the club draw in November and hope to win one of three places but there's a smaller chance in that than the 1 in 15 chance in the regular ballot.

Why dont you run for charity I hear you say?

I'm sorry but I have no inclination to run for charity. I run for me and me alone. Who is going to sponsor me to run a marathon when I've run 5 already before? It just isnt reasonable to beg friends & family for money. Been there, done it and never again.

So what next?
Who knows.  I'm just too pissed off right now.

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